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PC Chris!!!!

the greatest person in the world


PC Chris is the greatest person in the world. He beated Ken at Super Smash Bros. Melee, which is pretty good. PC Chris is 19 years old, lives in New York and his real name is Chris Ziegel or something I can't really make it out from that interview.
PC Chris is an emo. I bet he listens to Fugazi all day. He also has a girlfriend. I don't, and neither does Steven. Dave however, does have a girlfriend, but I have never met her.

PC Chris can beat everybody at Super Smash Bros. Melee. He plays Fox and Falco, but I bet he can beat everybody with every character. However, there are two players he can't beat at Smash, namely ORLY and Linkje. Here are the real rankings when it comes to Super Smash Bros. Melee worldwide:

2. Linkje
3. PC Chris
4. Utto
5. Dave (not Dav3 he's lame)
6. Nihonjin

...big gap...

7. Ken
8. Jeffz0r (he says he's number 8 but we don't believe him lol)

...big gap, again...

9. MrSilver
10. The Rest (I mean every other player, not a player who named himself after that Jiggly attack lol)
11. Mew2King

Mew2King thinks he is so great. Well, perhaps he is, but certainly not as great as PC Chris. PC Chris can beat Mew2King anytime he wants. He can beat Mew2King with one hand and blindfolded. That's how great PC Chris is.

Here's a picture of PC Chris

He looks all emo, but u know what? i don't care. Because I know what PC Chris is really like and that's what it's all about.

There also is a special move called 'the PC Chris'. It has something to do with the Firefox (not the browser lol). Speaking of Browser, I bet PC Chris can beat the Bowser challenge if he really wanted. Too bad PC Chris always sandbags. Anyway if u want to know how to do a PC Chris me and Steven will make a movie to explain it sometime aight? Respect.

If u want to see an interview with PC Chris you can check it out here

I don't know why but everytime I see this interview I just have to rofl at it.

These videos also contains PC Chris (if u know more plz let me know!!!):

video 1
video 2 (you can see him in the background)
video 3

Some people say PC Chris is gay but they don't know what they're are talking about. I once talked to PC Chris about this and he said that if you say that he's gay u r actually gay urself so there u have it n00bs!!!!11!

Here's a list of people who are inferior to PC Chris:

- Ken
- ChuDat
- Mew2King
- KoreanDJ
- Azen (he's pretty cool but what's with those outfits I mean come on....)
- Isai
- Nihonjin
- Linkje (Steven)
- Me
- And many many more...

I met Helios a couple of days ago but I forgot to ask him what he thinks of PC Chris since he has actually met PC Chris in person!!!!

If PC Chris ever comes to Europe (which is where I live) I just have to team up with him. It's inevitable. I would easily give all my money to PC Chris if he used it to go to Europe. Then I could team up with him and we would be invincible. Chris if u read this please contact me so we can team up I just can't wait. My name is Utto and I have an account on Smash World Forums so u know where to find me.

Finally if you want to get the latest news about PC Chris u can sign up for the PC Chris newsletter soon!!!11!!

So that's about it. If u don't think that PC Chris is the greatest person ever, well...just screw you.

This is what you get if u search for PC Chris on Google. Obviously, he's a fake.