NL Melee (bi-)weeklies

March 2017 aangepast in Lokale scenes
We have quite an active Melee scene lately!

For any event goes that bringing a console is always encouraged

Monday bi-weekly Tilburg:
Next event March 13:
Location: Wijkcentrum 't Sant, Beneluxlaan 74, Tilburg (parking available)
Cost: free for first timers, €2,50 for repeat
Open: 17:00
Tournament bracket: ~18:00
Tournament Organizer:: Trout & Droeftoeter

Wednesday bi-weekly Delft:
Next event March 15:
Location: Rotterdamseweg 380, Delft (free parking)
Cost: free for first timers and DSEA members, : €3 for repeat
Open: ~19:00
Tournament bracket: 19:45-20:00
Tournament Organizer:: vlerk (yours truly)

Friday bi-weekly Utrecht:
Next event March 17:
Location: Marco Pololaan 8-10, Utrecht
Cost: €1
Open: 17:00
Tournament bracket: 19:30
Tournament Organizer:: seo/Klaas

Note that all the bi-weeklies are currently in the same week.

Thursday weekly Rotterdam:
Next event: (temporarily unavailable)
Location: TBA
Cost: €2,50
Open: 15:00
Bracket: 18:30
Tournament Organizer: JimMorrison, Jemayel


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