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SMASHWAGENINGEN PRESENTS an all new monthly series of Super Smash Bros Project M/Melee tournaments every 3rd weekend of the month with PM on saturdays and Melee on sundays

Planning early 2017:
21,22 Jan Confirmed
18,19 Feb
18,19 Mar
22,23 Apr
Details (for both events)
Location: ‘t Oude Bijenhuis, Churchillweg 3, 6707 JA Wageningen
64 Player Cap
Singles Bracket: Round Robin Pools > DE top 16/DE Amateur Bracket
An “Intermediate” Bracket is possible if there’s enough players and time allows it. The size and scope of the Round Robin Pools will be determined based on the ammount of players entering (More people = smaller pools) Brackets/Pools are Bo3 Top 6 is Bo5 (Top 8 when time allows it)
Doubles Bracket: Double Ellimination Bracket Bo3, Finals Bo5
Registration opens 2 weeks prior to the event trough a google form posted on SmashNL and the adjacent facebook groups etc (SmashNL, S@W, EU:PM discord) closes 2 days prior to the event.
Venue Fee: 5 eu (Single day) 7,50 eu (Weekend Pass)
Singles : 5 eu
Doubles : 5 eu (10 per team)
Payments are handled in cash at the venue itself
11:30 Open
12:00 Doubles
14:00 Singles Pools
17:00 Brackets

Melee Standard US Major Ruleset (Pokémon Counterpick)

Project M:
4 stock 8 minute timer
Neutrals (Striking goes 1-1)
Smashville, Battlefield, Pokemon Stadium 2
Counterpicks (SINGLES)
WarioLand, Green Hill Zone, Fountain of Dreams, Final Destination, Norfair
Counterpicks (DOUBLES)
Rumble Falls, Yoshi’s Melee, Norfair, Distant Planet, Final Destination

1 ban in both Bo5/Bo3 DSR in effect

Warioman/Giga Bowser Banned


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