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Bi-weeklies at Delft Student E-sports Association Oct 5, 19, etc

Dear smashers,

Next Wednesday, October 5 is the last completely open event, so if you haven't yet, come check it out!
We open at 7pm, beginning Melee bracket at 8:15ish.

After this date, it's open to guests (one time visitors) and members.
If you want to sign up already, go to http://esportsdelft.nl/registration/


As some of you may be aware, DSEA, as an official TU Delft sports association, has been graciously giving us the space to have a smash area at their once-per-2-weeks LAN event. Originally laptop users only, they readily accepted our offer of bringing in CRTs, consoles and people.
Since the tournament on February 13th this year, the (facebook) group grew explosively, to be found at https://facebook.com/groups/smashbrosdelft/.
We average around 15 players each time, and since the new school year have been hosting at OGD IT-services, which is a pretty cool venue, lots of space, 6-7 CRTs.

DSEA hoping to expand, are asking people to sign up as official members.
They have 60+ paying members at the moment, the vast majority comprising laptop players.

Location: Rotterdamseweg 380, 2629 HG Delft, OGD IT-services
Date: Oct 5, 19, etc
Time: 19:00-23:30
Cost: Free Oct 5, Membership after (€20/6months, €30/year), free as one-time-guest
DSEA: 1-7
Vlerk: 1+2

Hope to see you there!
- Vlerk

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