22 oktober - Mission Complete #3 (Melee / Project M)

October 2016 aangepast in Toernooien
Date - Saturday 22nd of october 2016

Place - Wijkcentrum Heyhoef, Kerkenbosplaats 2, Tilburg

Events – SSBM Singles, SSBM Doubles, SSBM Regional Crew Battle, Project M Singles, Project M Doubles
All events will be played in ‘double elimination’ format.
Entrance Fee – € 7*

*You will receive a discount of € 2 if you bring a monitor with you and € 1 if you bring a complete setup (gamecube + full save).

It costs € 5 to enter an event. The money raised by an event will be distributed amongst the top 3 players (or teams). 50/30/20 for singles and 60/30/10 for teams.

This time we will also have a regional 5v5 crew battle. Noord-Brabant is trying to defend their home turf against strong crews like Zuid-Holland, Noord-Holland and a mystery 4th region.

We are happy to announce that the Melee part of the tournament will be streamed this time! The stream will be handled by BYOController at http://twitch.tv/byo_controller .

Sign up
It is mandatory to register for this event. To sign up for this tournament you have to send an e-mail to MissionCompleteSmash@gmail.com containing your full name, gamer tag, the events that you wish to enter, the name of your doubles partner (if applicable) and if you are able to bring any hardware. After we receive your e-mail you will get further information on payment. Sign up will close on sunday october 16th. Discounts for hardware will be given on the day of the tournament itself. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IF YOU DON'T SIGN UP IN ADVANCE

There are 2 supermarkets (Plus & Jumbo), a snackbar and a Domino's Pizza at walking distance from the venue. The venue also serves foods / drinks at reasonable prices.

There are a lot of free parking spaces next to the venue. For the people who travel by public transport: there is a bus stop 1 minute from the venue (Winkelcentrum Heyhoef).

Players are expected to bring their own controllers.

Make sure to label or mark every object of value you intend to take with you to the venue




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