Melee in Noordwijk?

August 2015 aangepast in Lokale scenes
Hey all, I'm staying in Noordwijk for the week of Avalon X and I wondered if there are any melee smashers there?
It would be cool to have some warm up for the event some day during that week :)
Btw I'm from Luxembourg and ik spreke de niederlandse tal niet (I have no clue how to write in dutch xD)

After Avalon X this topic can of course be deleted.


  • Sup Sejä!

    I live in Sassenheim, about 10-15 minutes from Noordwijk!

    We can play before Avalon and even travel there together if you like :)

    When exactly will you be in the Netherlands?
  • I'm there from 31st to 6th with a friend.
    Ok cool :)
  • Sweet!

    Hit me up when you're around :)
  • Yes will do ;)
  • any of you have any objections to me also joining? kinda want to break in a new controller and test my stream set-up somewhere else.
  • Ofcourse not! I guess a 2nd setup would be nice though...
  • Hey, I'm in Noordwijk now, when do you guys want to smash?
    I can join on tuesday, wednesday or thursday I guess in the evening or when do you prefer?
  • I'm free basically all week
  • Let's play Wednesday evening? PM me for my address!
  • September 2015 aangepast
    Okay yes.
    How do I PM you? XD I click on your Name and then write in that case there? :D

    EDIT: I think I figured it out, I'm a genius.
  • There's 2 spots left atm people!
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